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Discussion in 'Installation & Compatibility' started by MrMagic, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Mar 28, 2007
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    Last week my daughter brough me her old Toshiba Tectra M2V notebook for repairs because it "wasn't working right." This machine is about 3-4 years old and was pre-loaded with XP Pro and had all the latest updates on it.

    The machine is a single core Centrino, Pentium M running at 1.5gh with 1.25gb memory. It has a 40gb disk and Matsushita DVD Writer.

    Not a bad little machine but it had alwas been a pretty 'doggy' perfomer, at least by todays dual core notebook standards. The machine was in bad need of cleaning and I determined that was probably best to just reload it.

    I decided that since I had to go through the pain of a completely reload anyway, that I would experiement a bit. I decided to load Vista Home Basic on it to see if it would even work.

    DidI ever get a surprise. I doubted that Vista would even run on this machine but I got a VERY pleasant surprise. Home Basic slid right onto this machine without a single complaint and booted up without a complaint.

    The only device it didn't recognize was the Alps mouse pad, so it installed the regular PS/2 mouse driver and it works with the alps pad without any noticable differences.

    The perfomance of the old Toshiba is what is so surprising. Home Basic actually performs SOOO much better on this little notebook than did XP Pro that it is pretty shocking!

    A big part of this I'm sure is that Vista Home Basic takes up a much smaller memory footprint than did XP Pro and this would normally be considered a 'downgrade' in terms of features, BUT this machine had NO need of any of the extras that XP Pro provided over XP Home so Vista Home Basic was a logical choice for this machine.

    The only thing lost that was of any consequence was the pre-loaded DVD player that came with the machine. So, I downloaded the Version 8 trial version of WinDVD and installed it and it plays the DVD's very nicely, better actually than the older version on the XP preload did.

    After getting Home Basic running, I loaded up some of my diagnostics and performance tools and ran the machine through the mill. I did not encounter any problems issues or problems what-so-ever and the snap and pop of the machine is great. Honestly it performs like a brand new notebook.

    The point of this message is just to let people know that just because the PC or notebook may be relatively old and not "Vista Ready" does NOT necessarily mean that one version or another of Vista will not work. In this case, it works better than it ever did with the original XP preload and I'm quite happy with how stable it is and my daughter is elated at how much better it performs than it did before.

    If you ever find yourself faced with a reload situation on an XP machine, and you've been hankering for Vista on it, and you have a Vista DVD, not much to loose by actually trying. In the case, the payoff was BIG and certainly helps dispel the myth that Vista will only run on something with enormous resources. This littel notebook is very modest on its hardware features but runs Vista Home Basic very nicely.

    MrMagic, Jan 26, 2008
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  2. MrMagic


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Along similar lines, I upgraded a Tablet PC that was NOT designated as Vista Ready (let along, Vista Premium Ready <G>) -- and it works fine. That's a 1GHz Centrino with 1.5GB memory and no Aero support.

    I'm tending to believe that the designation of Vista "Ready" by vendors was based primarily on how much effort (read that as $$) they wanted to put into developing drivers for "older" machines vs. selling you a brand spanking new dual-core beastie with several GB of memory.
    WAW8, Jan 28, 2008
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