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    Feb 3, 2013
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    I'm trying to remove the bios password on a friends laptop (acer) via the software route.

    I am struggling with one part of this tutorial as i'm not too good with dos!

    I have all the needed files but when i create a boot disk and then boot from cd nothing happens - no dos.

    I am not sure what files i need to move into the FLASH folder - obviously doing it wrong.

    This part:

    2. Place all your DOS File “clnpwd.exe into the FLASH folder. You may want to delete the folder’s contents first.

    Here is the full tutorial: I have had to delete the links but they are easily found from google:

    The Acer company or any other PC company is in the Business of making money.But they know how to fix the Bios Password Issue too.
    And I will show you how it is done.
    The Acer Boys use a DOS Software called “Bios Password Cleaner”
    It’s on a bootdisk that also has a HDD Lockout Password Generator on it.
    all you need to remove the Password is the Software.
    The name is “clnpwd.exe”
    How do you get it you ask?

    Here is what you do,and it’s so easy!

    I encourage you to do this:
    1. Google it
    2. look for a file called “”
    3.If you can’t find it here is the link:
    4. download it and unzip the file.
    5. You find more Dos files in it that you can use if you want to make a Floppy Boot disk,
    but most PC’s don’t have a Floppy Drive anymore ,so you will need a Dos 7.1 Bootdisk.
    It is a MS-DOS 7.10 LiveCD / BootCD for BIOS Flashing
    Here is a link to the Dos 7.1 Bootdisk iso file:
    Download the Password protected file and extract it with Password “123″

    1. Use an ISO image editor to open the ISO file (I use UltraISO).
    2. Place all your DOS File “clnpwd.exe into the FLASH folder. You may want to delete the folder’s contents first.
    3. Burn ISO image to disc.
    4. Boot directly to disc.
    5. Select option 1 to launch MS-DOS.
    6. When “A:\>” appears, type “C:”.
    7. When “C:\>” appears, type “cd FLASH\”
    8. When “C:\FLASH\>” appears, type:”clnpwd.exe”
    9. Follow the on screen instructions to delete the Supervisor and or User Password by pressing 1 or 2.
    Now reboot your PC and when you press F2 the Password dialog will not appear.
    SJM, Feb 3, 2013
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