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Discussion in 'Vista News' started by Jason, May 18, 2006.

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    Straight from the email from connect.

    Beta-2 Build Coming Soon

    We are busy making final preparations for the 2007 Microsoft Office Beta-2 release. While the 2007 Microsoft Office Beta-2 release will be a public release, we plan to release this to you on BetaPlace (http://beta.microsoft.com) soon. In a departure from previous beta releases, the Beta-2 downloads will not be hosted on the BetaPlace download server but will located on the Microsoft Office Preview web site.

    The Beta-2 build is suitable for limited production deployment within small, scoped deployments. There will be some areas of the product that function more effectively than before and other areas that display bugs or problems. Please continue to log bugs in BetaPlace and use the newsgroups for product support.

    There will be no upgrade from 2007 Microsoft Office Beta 1TR to the Beta-2 build. It will be necessary to uninstall previous versions of 2007 Microsoft Office before installing 2007 Microsoft Office Beta-2. The server products will have no upgrade capability from the refreshed Beta-1 versions to the Beta-2 versions.

    Beta-2 System Requirements

    We will provide a link to the full system guidelines on the Product Downloads page of the 2007 Microsoft Office web site (http://beta.microsoft.com) to help you see optimal 2007 Microsoft Office Beta-2 performance.

    Beta-2 E-mail to Expect from Microsoft

    When we release the Beta-2 build, each official Technical Beta participant will receive an e-mail from [email protected] that includes instructions on the new download process and product key information. In the spirit of ensuring everyone is able to access BetaPlace when Beta-2 releases, we will be contacting our 2007 Microsoft Office beta participants in hourly batches throughout the day.
    Jason, May 18, 2006
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