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New install; local access only

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      9th March 2012, 10:51 PM
This is a new install on a older computer, I am connected to the home network, and can see other computers, however there is no internet access. When restarting computer it automatically goes to public network, I change it to private and still no internet, (same thing happens if I just restart the wireless adapter). I did notice that it is using, and the rest of the computers use I tried to set it to use a custom address and it said that address was not valid.
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      13th March 2012, 07:45 PM
You need to check the WORKGROUP name that the other PCs use and confirm that this PC uses the same name.

The IP address you quoted is nearly always used for the network router, not for a PC. When you bring up your TCP/IP settings on your PC, it should show that "1" address under Gateway.

If your router is set to administer DHCP (which is required unless ALL of your {PC have static IP addresses), the other PCs, and this one, should be getting IP addresses that have numbers higher than "1" at the end.
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