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Games Explorer in 64-bit

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Join Date: Feb 2007
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      20th February 2007, 04:53 PM
I own the 64-bit edition of Vista Ultimate and my Games Explorer is a mess which really bugs me because I'm a big gamer and I liked the idea of having a neat central location for my games.

First of all, some of my games don't appear in the Explorer at all. This is strange because two of the games that don't appear I know have appeared in other Vista owners Games Explorer. Two of which are Oblivion and Half Life 2. They don't appear in my Explorer yet this site shows a screenshot where you can clearly see both games with box art, MSRB ratings, etc. in the Explorer:,00.asp

Secondly, one of my games (Half Life 2: Episode 1) appears twice, not such a big deal since I can just hide one of the icons but still shows I'm having strange problems with my Explorer.

Also, another issue which I'm not sure is really an issue (maybe someone can verify) is that any of my Steam game icons such as Counter Strike: Source and Episode 1 don't run the game itself, they just open Steam. If anybody else is able to open Steam games directly from the Explorer than that's a third issue I'm having.

In conclusion, are the problems I'm having because of the 64-bit version? Is there a way to fix or work around this problem? And if not is there a way to get the info on a game that doesn't appear in the Explorer (when I add a game shortcut manually it just puts an ugly pixelated icon in the Exlporer without box art, MSRB rating, etc.) and is there a way to get Steam game shortcuts to open the game itself instead of just Steam?
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      21st February 2007, 09:40 AM
Nothing to do with the fact you own x64 version. Sorry cant really help you with your problem.
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      14th April 2007, 02:37 PM
I have to copy my games in manualy but they do not show. As soon as i log off and log back in voila they are there.
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