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Add Printer Wizard Freezes

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Join Date: Oct 2012
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      8th October 2012, 07:58 PM
The Add Printer Wizard Freezes when trying to add a network printer. Is there a workaround, or things I can check?

I've restarted my computer several times. Sometimes I can get a list of available network printers: One via ethernet plus the two printers I have on the computer that are shared. Other times, it hangs trying to find them. On the rare (2) occassions I've been able to get a list of available network printers, it will hang when I select the printer I'm wanting to install, and click on "next."

The printer has worked fine in the past. Shouldn't be an issue, but knowing I'll be asked, it's an Okidata C3200n. A laptop running Windows 7 has no problem printing to it over the same network.

The problem started after a power outage. Unfortunately, when the power comes back on, the printer finds a new IP address for itself on the network. Easiest way is to uninstall the printer and add it again. Worked on the Win7 machine, but this Vista machine is giving me fits. But this does mean I do have the proper drivers already on my computer.

Another symptom: If I go to the Network and Sharing Center, and click on the network, Explorer opens up a window, but it remains blank. This would indicate a possible problem with the firewall, but I've checked, and Windows Firewall seems to be working fine. On the other hand, I have no problem accessing the Internet. I'm posting this from the problem computer.

I've run virus and malware checks, with negative results.

I've tried running Vista in safe mode, but you can't add printers there. I've searched for a way to add the printer manually.

The computer has all current updates with the exception of languages. I have no need for anything but English, thank you very much.

I've run out of ideas - that's why I'm here.


- Arved

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Join Date: Nov 2012
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      25th November 2012, 08:52 PM
I've got the same thing ... Windows Vista ... It worked before ... "Add Printer" (Wireless) ... gives a list (one) ... and then it hangs. What's up with this?!?!?

I've had some issues and I think I've cleaned things up ok.

(1) Norton was messed up ... got tech support there to clean it out and install their latest
(2) Windows update and BITS services were removed from registry. ... all set here too.

This "Add Printer" dialog hang was the original problem that lead me to the problems I corrected above.

Did you (or anybody!!!!!) find a solution?

Thanks ahead of time for anybody's help ...
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Join Date: Oct 2012
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      25th November 2012, 11:20 PM
My workaround was to add a second account with admin privelages, and use that to add the printer. This showed up for all users (my regular and admin accounts). I then deleted the second admin account.

Weird. I couldn't find anything wrong. I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials, which automatically installed itself for the new admin account, of course, so that doesn't seem to be the issue, but I have heard of Norton/Symantec doing all sorts of weird things, so I'm not surprised it's related to your problem.

My "solution" is a work around - not a fix of the root cause of whatever problem is underlying the issue. :-(
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